AGILITY® requires the least hands-on time in its category. In part, this advantage is made possible by AGILITY® SmartKits®, an innovative new approach to ELISA testing. SmartKits® are direct-load reagent kits, allowing everything to be loaded onto the system at the same time, in one easy step. All consumables for each assay are already prepackaged when SmartKits are purchased from our growing list of major reagent partners.

  • Eliminates nearly all manual liquid-transfer steps
  • Frees up significant labor time and allows for multitasking
  • Illuminated, color-coded access positions allow simple loading of all kits, tips, microplates and other consumable items, preventing loading errors
  • 2D barcodes printed on kits provide accurate and secure information
  • Inventory tracking allows for maximum materials efficiency
  • Consumables are stored on-board, including up to 16 AGILITY SmartKits®


Reagent Loading

Don't take our word for it. Experience the elegance and innovation of the DYNEX AGILITY® for yourself. It's a lot like nothing you've ever seen.


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