The DYNEX AGILITY® utilizes the proven versatility of ELISA's core technology in a powerful, fully automated platform, for true ELISA optimization. State-of-the-art robotic processing delivers unparalleled precision while eliminating nearly all manual steps, so AGILITY® is efficient and reliable – freeing you and your staff to be as productive as possible, while significantly reducing your cost per test.

  • Full, walkaway processing from the beginning of testing
  • Up to 16 SmartKit® carriers stored on-board for simultaneous runs
  • Flexible throughput allows up to 12 plates on-board at once
  • Utilizes three precision robotic arms - one for sample pipetting, one for reagent pipetting and another for transporting plates and consumables, to obtain maximum process efficiency





Don't take our word for it. Experience the elegance and innovation of the DYNEX AGILITY® for yourself. It's a lot like nothing you've ever seen.


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