The New Standard in ELISA Kit Packaging

Dynex Technologies redefined the possibilities for productivity and cost-effectiveness in ELISA testing with the introduction of Agility,® our fully automated microplate testing system.

Agility owes much of its success to our innovative SmartKit® technology, a simple, direct-load solution to front-end preparation that reduces technician time and potential for costly data entry
errors, while improving ease-of-use and enhancing the product offerings of reagent kit manufacturers.

SmartKits include four main components: the consumable bottles of any given reagent kit, a 2D barcode with lot-specific assay information, an insert for holding reagent bottles and a cap
holder for reagent bottle caps. Once caps are removed and stored in the cap holder, the SmartKit is placed directly into the Agility for testing.

Now, Dynex has introduced a trio of SmartKit options to provide new levels of
flexibility and value:

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Don't take our word for it. Experience the elegance and innovation of the DYNEX Agility® for yourself. It's a lot like nothing you've ever seen.


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